The Exchange Club of Crossgates

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Proud Sponsors of:
MS Remembers 9/11/2001

The Exchange of Crossgates in 2003 had the largest “Healing Field” flag presentation in the United States in honor of the 2998 patriots that lost their lives on September 11, 2001 and the soldiers from all over the world who had sacrificed their lives in the battles of Enduring Freedom. We had over 4000 flags flying on our soccer fields that year.

Proud Sponsors of
The Dark ZONE!
Haunted House 2024
Coming in October

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About the Event

We need your help this summer preparing for our
2024 Horror Production!

Volunteers Needed!

Are you an artist?
Are you handy with tools?
Are you an Idea Person?
Can you operate a paint roller?
Can you operate a rake, mower or trimmer?
Want to be a member of the Cast in October?

It’s FUN and……

High School Students can earn Qualified Community Service Hours?

Want to get involved?

Call Us at 601-906-0379

The net proceeds from this event benefit programs and charities supported by the Crossgates Exchange Club include but are not limited to:

The National Exchange Club Prevention of Child Abuse Foundation,
The Exchange Club of Crossgates Frank Bridges Memorial Park, Local Charities & Americanism Projects